Electronics Hardware Design

Our multidisciplinary team have extensive expertise in all aspects of electronics development which is crucial in designing products with optimal performance and efficiency.
We design hardware and embedded systems solutions that not only work, but also pave the path to innovation. Our engineers rise to the challenge of designing complex hardware systems with optimal functionality. 

At Nexotech, we conduct hardware design with precise details which guarantee optimal performance, minimising the need for revisioning and multiple prototyping runs.
Our group has the capability to provide fully functional prototypes within market leading timeframes, ensuring our clients have sufficient time for field testing and business case validation prior to mass production. 

Within hardware design, our core areas of expertise include:

    • Precision Schematic Capture
    • Circuit Simulations
    • Custom Footprint Design
    • Component Selection & BOM Review
    • Design for Manufacture Analysis
    • Multilayer Mixed Signal PCB Layout & Routing
    • Flexible, Semi-Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB Design
    • Antenna Design from LPWAN to Microwave
    • Power circuit designs – DC/DC, AC/DC, Switch Mode
    • Battery circuit design with battery budget calculators