Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised our world as we know it.

Cost-effective and intelligent connected technologies, such as industrial & commercial sensors, asset trackers, smart home devices, remote healthcare operations, intelligent vehicles and digital management tools have demonstrated the substantial commercial value IoT brings.

For many organisations though, piloting digital initiatives in IoT has entailed technical and organisational challenges.

Many organisations know how to use a connected device but a path to bringing that product to life is hindered with so many unknowns and challenges that the final target can be lost along the development journey.

At Nexotech, we partner with our clients to support them in navigating through this journey by removing the complexities and uncertainties that incorporating IoT solutions into their business models can carry.

As a key enabler behind IoT-based value capture at scale; we build cutting-edge solutions on our proprietary IoT development platform. Our custom designed and built devices can operate with extended battery life without compromising on performance or operational insights whilst significantly reducing OPex and CAPex costs for mass development.

Our IoT designs incorporate various location tracking technologies which enable intelligent tracking modes, catering to both outdoor and indoor tracking requirements with minimal battery consumption. They also support a vast number of motion profiles such as tracking, geofence modes as well as static & sleep mode sensing.

Within our IoT development services, our core areas of expertise include:

    • Environmental & motion sensing
    • Location tracking via GPS, Wi-Fi & Cellular Networks
    • Wide range of communication protocols including Sigfox, Lora, LTE CAT-M1, NBIoT, 3G/4G/5G, BLE & Wi-Fi
    • Turn-key dashboard services for detailed reporting, data visualisation, GPS tracking map, customised deployment of data to assets as well as historical data exporting capability.
    • APIs to manage functions such as over the air firmware update deployment, device configuration, assessing time series data and many more.

As an approved and verified Sigfox module designer and manufacturer you can be sure, we have a diverse range of FCC & CE certified solutions available for your need irrespective of the radio communication zone. (Our modules are certified worldwide)