Integrated Software/Hardware Design

We design and develop superior electronics software environments; by connecting our modular design framework with our sophisticated portfolio of software and integrated hardware modules and premium quality systems.

This proactive approach to quality results in lower development costs, security in data, seamless connectivity and increased scalability. 

Our integrated software/hardware solutions are highly competitive, fully compliant with world’s best practice coding and safety standards.

With a team of specialist software and hardware engineers sharing a common drive and curiosity to expand the boundaries of current technology, we strive to be the leading electronics technology and development firm in Australia.  

At Nexotech, we are experts in architecting complex integrated software/hardware solutions through SoC technologies, DSP, FPGA and embedded software.

Our expert engineers have multi-disciplined experience and skills in firmware, software and hardware; resulting in the essential synergy that leads to cutting-edge computing solutions.

Within systems engineering, our core areas of expertise include:

    • IP scoping and development
    • System architecture design & development
    • User experience (UX) design & interface requirement analysis
    • Battery life optimisation
    • Cost optimisation with speed to market consideration
    • Industry standards compliance & technical feasibility