Firmware & OS Design

We design and develop firmware for various platforms including embedded microcontrollers through to operating systems and web servers. 

Our engineers are committed to creating firmware that simply works, from the very first use. They deliver on their commitment through future-proofing modular designs and extensive inhouse testing to ensure optimal compliance with latest standards.

Our operating system (OS) design and implementation solutions are visually futuristic, reliable and systematic in design and implementation.

At Nexotech, our highly capable systems engineers adopt an interdisciplinary methodology to architecture of our OS solutions, achieving the perfect balance between the competing components, various system parts and the entire operating system as a whole.

Nexotech OS designs are formulated to operate with power efficiency in mind as many real-world applications are dependent on battery powered equipment expected to perform in the field for long durations of time with little or no servicing. 

Within firmware, our core areas of expertise include:

    • Design of MCU Firmware in 32-bit, 16-bit & 8-bit environments
    • Device driver development
    • FPGAs design and implementation
    • SCADA & PLC Firmware Development
    • Bootloaders and Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates
    • Wide range of wired and wireless communication protocols
    • Ultra-low power & power efficient firmware development
    • Fuzzy logic, adaptive algorithms and machine learning